Hello! My name's Troy, the founder of Fully.


I started Fully because I wanted to create the meditation app I would've wanted when I started meditating many years ago: an app that makes it easy to learn and practice meditation. I didn't just want to do meditation whenever I felt stressed; I wanted to get better at it to experience its lasting benefits.

Finding the right tools and resources to help me develop my practice wasn't easy. That's why I'm creating Fully.

I'm the founder, engineer, designer, marketer, and customer support behind Fully.

My goal is to build a meditation app that users love. So, I'm doing everything from interacting with users to building the product myself, but I'm also open to the places and people that this journey takes me.

I'm documenting my long-term journey to build Fully.

I'm happily working on Fully full-time, and I want to do so for quite a while. Sometimes I'm in New York (my "base"), sometimes I'm traveling abroad. Wherever I am, I'll share my journey and my reflections, so follow along!

Connect with me on Twitter or email.